Killed In the Line of Duty

Killed in the line of duty,
He suffered for our sins
Wounded for our transgression,
Our guilt was laid on Him

Upon the cross of Calvary,
The spear pierced His side.
Father, please forgive them,
He hung His head and died.

He rose and went to glory,
There He reigns, forever more.
He’s not missing in action,
He’s not a prisoner of war.

Killed in the line of duty,
A casualty of war,
He took my sins into the tomb,
Now I am saved forever more.

With God He rules in glory,
King of kings the Angels sing.
Praise the Lord and hallelujah,
He is coming back again.

Jesus was killed in the line of duty,
Because of Him my salvation is for sure.
He reported to His Father,
The battle is secure.

By Donald W. Monroe Sr.

Photo by Sangia on Unsplash

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