Dedicated to restoring the lives of incarcerated adults and at-risk youth
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DIVINE INTERVENTION M  I  N  I  S  T  R  I  E  S Our Services  Mentoring Program  Divine Intervention's Mentoring Program is a comprehensive program to ease the transition between prison and life in the outside community. When an individual is released from prison, he/she faces incredible challenges with work, family, and life in the community. Divine Intervention connects individuals with strong, reliable mentors who are familiar with the process of reentry, providing a foundation to help those individuals succeed.  Impact Program  The IMPACT (Interceding Making Positive Actions Come Together) program specifically addresses the needs of the At-risk youth and adjudicated adults by assisting them to find employment, housing, rehabilitation counseling, clothing, and various other resources needed for a successful transition back into society and productive lives.  Speaking Engagements  Divine Intervention's Executive Director Debra Germany is a much sought-after public speaker for prisons, schools, boot camps, and churches.  Spiritual Support/Prayer Partners  Divine Intervention Ministries works within our local prisons to provide spiritual support to inmates.
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