Debra Germany’s life changed on July 9, 2001, when her only child, Raymond Germany, was murdered, shot seven times in the Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Through the death of her son, Mrs. Germany says, Divine Intervention Ministries was birthed in her spirit. With God as her guide, Mrs. Germany is determined to reach back and help as many people as she can to know that with Christ all things are possible. Mrs. Germany truly believes that if you have God in your life, you can do the impossible, reach the unreachable and bear the unbearable. Divine Intervention Ministries was initiated in 2002 by Mrs. Debra Germany after the tragic and untimely death of her son Raymond Germany to gang violence. DIM started by using billboards to bring attention to unsolved murders and to find community solutions to crime. DIM also sought to soothe grieving family members who lost loved ones to violence. Mrs. Germany's vision, dedication, and inspiration has persisted for nearly a decade and resulted in an effective, volunteer organization working to change opportunities and choices for at-risk populations. In 2006, DIM changed its direction to focus on restoring the lives of incarcerated adults and at risk youth, and introduced an innovative program to promote a greater social change effect through the development of the IMPACT, Interceding Making Positive Actions Come Together program. Although Divine Intervention Ministries is new as a 501(c)3 organization (June 2010), Debra Germany has been working since 2002 to assemble a team to serve currently and formerly incarcerated adults and at-risk youth under the auspices of Pittsburgh Central Baptist Church.