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LIFE AFTER from Float Pictures on Vimeo.

Life After is a film that shines a light on the aftermath of violence and its effect on individuals, families,  and communities. More importantly, it also shows the hope that remains and how an organization like  the Center for Victims can help people overcome adversity, rebuild their lives, and find a new normal.  We want victims of violence to know they are not alone. This film can lead them to the assistance,  hope, and healing they need to cope with life after violence.  Narrated by Martin Sheen  Directed and Produced by Ben Saks  Cinematography by Phil Kibbe   Edited by Larissa James and Ben Saks  Music performed, composed and mixed by Alexander Berne and the Abandoned Orchestra  Written by Gretel Gaal Egan  Additional Camera and sound recording by Ben Hernstrom  Motion Graphics and Titles by Justin Nixon 
The Voices - May 30, 2013 WQED  Description:  Tonia Caruso examines the complexities of the gun control debate. Gun experts, community groups,  representatives from the mental health community and more weigh in on the issues and obstacles in  the search for common ground. And as the arguing continues in Washington, Debra Germany of  Pittsburgh isn't waiting for politicians. After her son was shot and killed, she's determined to make a  difference by stopping gun violence in her community. 
A Community Forum on Gun Violence - May 30, 2013  WQED  Description:  Michael Bartley, Tonia Caruso and Chris Moore host this forum featuring a panel of guests with  different backgrounds, views and experiences on gun violence. An invited audience includes gun  violence victims, concerned citizens and representatives from community groups. Viewers will also be  encouraged to join the forum through social media as WQED navigates the complex issues. 
On Q - January 7, 2008 WQED  Description:  After losing her child to a brutal murder, Debra Germany chose not to drown in personal pain. Instead,  she launched a Christian mission to help troubled youth.